Friday, May 23, 2014

For a Laugh and to Share_ SHOULD couples serve a mission?

My folks are doing great! Dad just sent me an email with these two pictures in it and he said "For a laugh and to share". :) We love it when our internet on both ends is working. They are busily working away. Mom's black eye has healed (I think all the way). They will be working on a blog post soon. So for the moment, I take the privilege of taking over their blog with a personal experience! :)

For all those who worry about leaving their children and grandchildren to serve a mission...  this week I specifically prayed to Heavenly Father asking that if my Dad was suppose to be inspired to direct or share something with me--that he would. That is not usually something I pray about. I pray for them to find fulfillment, to see God's hand every day and for safety, but for them to be inspired if needs be with direction for me-- this was a first on my end.

I ended the prayer and didn't think much of it. Well the following morning came with a call from my dad (5 p.m. his time) letting me know about an article in KSL. Here was a man, on a mission, in AFRICA, who was calling his daughter in WY with a thought to look at an article. Just that morning I had studied Alma's words that by small and simple things, GREAT things are brought to pass. My dad had no idea I had prayed that if He was the one to be inspired, he would be. And He, dedicated to the full time work of serving the Lord, was inspired by a merciful Heavenly Father, to call and direct his daughter. A small thing, but I recognize that what he directed me to could be the means of bring a greater thing to pass in my life.

What greater gift can my parents/any parents give their children and posterity than the example of following what God would have them do. In my folks case, serving a mission in Africa. To all those who worry about leaving your family behind. Really what you will be doing will be giving your family the greatest blessing and legacy they could ever ask for. PLUS! In those tender times (I speak for myself but I know my siblings could echo this) when I have felt the "need/want" for my parents to be close, the phone call came or the inspired email was there in my inbox!

God bless missionaries, especially Sr. Couples!

So whether the Lord inspires you to serve a mission, or work in the temple, or give more in your calling... IT IS WORTH IT!! 

Love you mom and dad!! I know what you are doing isn't always easy, but I am thankful I know YOU know--who and where to put your trust in! Your family loves you! ONWARD AND UPWARD! Thank you for serving the Lord!